Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ok, this is simply brilliant. While reading up on the upcoming election in the US, I chanced across The urge to browse by location is always irresistible to me. What people use the Web for, and how that varies geographically, is fantastic. Case in point, the Pakistani use of Meetup. Well over half the members of several of the Meetup groups in Pakistan are looking for dates. Of course you have to be of two cultures to understand the humour in desperate, single Pakistani men signing up as members of an Indigo Girls Fan Club, clearly having NO idea whatsoever that Indigo Girls is a band and honing in on the Girls part of the name. This explains why, in both Karachi and Islamabad, the Gilmore Girls Meetup and the Indigo Girls Meetup have well over 100 members. ROFL! I didn't even bother to go to the Sex and the City Meetup. Who knows what horrors await in the member profiles.

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