Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last night I dreamt of Obieland. It feels like I'm staying at Nikki's, although the place is somewhere on E College St. and hers never was. It's night time, and I decide that I need some groceries, having just gotten into town. Friend M doesn't accompany, because she doesn't see the necessity. So I'm walking into town, but for some reason, my first stop on College St is an Indian grocery store. I'm very aware that I only have about $10 or $15 in my pocket (being short of cash is such a familiar feeling from college), so I ask the store owner for some things, but then tell him I'll be back in a bit. What I really want to do is get to Gibson's. I realise that this Indian store is in the place that used to be Hunan when I first arrived in Obieland, and later became the more upscale version of the Mandarin (can't remember the name, but they used to serve the most gorgeous tiger prawn). After the shock of the restaurant simply having disappeared has worn off a bit, I suddenly realise that Gibson's simply isn't there any more. Even the space has disappeared. Then someone tells me that they've taken over the second floor of the Oberlin Bookstore, so up I go, and the Gibson's counter is there.

I forget what happens after that. I suppose the dream comes from having seen the Conservatory magazine yesterday, and not being able to figure out where it is that they're putting the new Con building. Also, just being terribly homesick for Obieland. It's weird, though. Before, dreams about the US have always been about specific people. Last night was definitely about the place.

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Northeast Iowa Mom said...

You're really weird. :o)

Interesting about being homesick for people usually and places occasionally. Do you remember being able to smell in your dreams? Everybody says you can't dream smells, but I do all the time.

WV: connabl. It means to talk while eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa.